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How to back up the Management Console database

Shyam Kumar
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How to back up the Management Console database

Post by Shyam Kumar on Fri Apr 01, 2016 4:37 pm

Management Console is an importent part of kapow robot development. Management Console stores all its schedules, robots, and other configuration data in an embedded database. Like any important data, the contents of the Management Console's database should be backed up regularly. If Kapow katalyst design studio platform missing any of the data we can download from management console and use in design studio.

There are two ways to back it up.

    First, you can use the Create Backup feature to export an archive from the Admin > Options tab in Management Console. The resulting archive can be used to restore a Management Console to the state when the backup was created. See the documentation link below for more information.


    Second, you can use a general-purpose file backup system to protect the Data folder. The Data folder that contains the data for the embedded database is a sub-folder of the Application Data folder. See the documentation link below for details of where it's located on Windows and Linux.


    The Application Data folder is stored on a per-user basis, and on some systems it will be within a hidden folder. Make sure to back up the Application Data folder for the account used to start Management Console, and also check that the file backup system is configured to handle hidden folders.

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