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Kapow Exams


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Kapow Exams

Post by Thomaszai on Mon Apr 30, 2018 8:27 am

Dear All,

Background: I have completed my training for Kofax Kapow, and is currently undertaking exams for this module "Kofax Kapow 10 certification Exam" 

Issue: However, I cant seems to get my score to hit the minimum requirement to pass first time round

Passing score: 85%, which roughly translate into getting 43 correct answers out of 50.

Additional Information: 

-> And worst of all, I can't seems to review my questions, as i did not have time to look through it last week, and today when I open up my examination question, hoping to review it, it says review "Not Permitted".

Question:  I can't fail this examination as it is a requirement for my scope of work, is there anyone out there who can shed some lights on this


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