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DAS unable to Java Access Bridge

Warren Fisher

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DAS unable to Java Access Bridge

Post by Warren Fisher on Thu Dec 14, 2017 12:01 pm

Greetings everyone.
A maddeningly frustrating thing happened to my Kapow DAS environment last week and I cannot get past it. On Tuesday I gave a demo to our customer of the robots we are working on and the demo went off well enough. Overnight DAS stopped connecting to Java Access Bridge.
All I get in the DAS log is the following entry at startup...
2017-12-06 11:40:00,622 [0x1404] ERROR com.kapowhub.drivers.automationnative node.cc:74 Java access bridge failed to initialize

I am able to confirm that JavaMonkey can successfully connect to JAB and renders the java apps tree perfectly, but DAS will not do this.

I have uninstalled, restarted the server and reinstalled the DAS a few times now.

Any advice, suggestions or solutions?


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