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FTP site fails to load


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FTP site fails to load

Post by cmorris on Tue Oct 31, 2017 5:34 pm


I have a robot which works perfectly in Design Studio - loads an FTP site and scrapes data, storing it in the Management Console.  However, when the robot is uploaded to MC and run from that environment, it cannot get passed the 'Load Page' step to access the FTP site.  Strange thing is it never errors, just literally gets 'stuck' at that step.
I have raised it with Kofax, but no luck in getting it resolved as yet.  Anyone know how to get around this issue?  I'm using MC 9.7.0 currently.

Thanks very much!

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Re: FTP site fails to load

Post by jking on Tue Oct 31, 2017 9:56 pm

How is  your Load Page URL configured?  I had a similar situation.  In my case this is what I learned.  When you just type an FTP address (like ftp.xyz.com) into a web browser, the browser knows it's an FTP and adds the correct prefix.  But in the robot, you need to tell it exactly what you need to load (otherwise it will prefix it with http and, of course, http://ftp.xyz.com won't work).  In my case I changed the load page URL to ftp://ftp.xyz.com and that allowed the robot to load the page successfully.   Also, check your Robot Configuration.  Under All Loading, you may need to set Credentials: Standard and Set your Username and Password.  Often times credentials are needed for everything you do on the ftp page.

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