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Kapow 9.6.1 Release Notes


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Kapow 9.6.1 Release Notes Empty Kapow 9.6.1 Release Notes

Post by jking on Tue Jan 12, 2016 2:37 am

Design Studio:

Wait Criteria.  Each robot step that requires a browser can be configured to pinpoint at what point while the robot is processing an action (e.g. a click step or a load page step) must be completed enough for the robot to continue.  This allows the browser step to run only as long as it is needed for the robot to be able to continue.  This should make robots run faster than previous versions.

Frames View:  This significantly improves working with embedded frames.  Previous versions showed frames as tabs in the main browser view.  Now, embedded frames are shows in a separate 'frame view' similar to the variables view.   the frames view shows all top-level and sub-frames as a tree.  In Design View you navigate the Frames View Tree similar to Windows Explorer.  Right-clicking on the frame allows designer to choose an action (Open, Block URL, Select in Browser View, Set as Current Window, etc.).
Shyam Kumar
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Kapow 9.6.1 Release Notes Empty Re: Kapow 9.6.1 Release Notes

Post by Shyam Kumar on Fri Jan 15, 2016 1:31 pm


Currently I am using the previous version, wait criteria have any similarities to wait step in the previous version?

can you please attach screen shots of wait criteria and Frames View.

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