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Loop in Device Automation


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Loop in Device Automation

Post by Kuan on Wed Nov 07, 2018 7:39 am


Would like to know how does the Loop in the Design Automation (DA) works.

Have look into Kofax Kapow User's Guide but is still unclear how it operates.

Hope you could explain further with below scenario:

Below is the location of the folders:

1.     A:\Customer\Template      
(Fix template that will be reuse every month)

2.    A:\Customer\Save
(Extracted from SAP)

The idea of the steps

1Loop file in “Template” folder6501 AR BS Schedule.xlsxExtract only first 4 character
2Loop file in “Save” folder until get the same name “Template” file1_6501.xlsxExtract 4 character “6501”
3If both have same integer, then open file in “Save” then copy and paste into “Template”
If is not the same, go next iteration.
6501 = 6501
Based on Design studio, we are able to use “Test Variable” to test whether “Save” file name equal to “Template”; “Error Handling” go to “Next Iteration”.

How can I do it in DA?

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Re: Loop in Device Automation

Post by pavel.vraj on Fri Nov 09, 2018 4:34 pm


I have to ask you, why do you do it in DA? The standard flow has more possibilities and is much easier to do this scenario without DA.

Or is it only about how it's done in DA?

BR, Pavel Vraj

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